We conduct various courses at Novelty Learning Centre to suit the needs of our students ranging from kindergarten to upper secondary levels.  All courses are thoughtfully designed, well structured and professionally delivered.  All lessons are conducted to cater to learners of the same age or level, with minimal disruptions where possible.  Children learn best when they find our lessons comprehensive, meaningful and stress-free.  Contact us at 67924718 or send us an email for more information on the course details.


Our tuition classes cover the main subjects to prepare your child for the year-end examinations.  Your child will benefit from our comprehensive lectures, graded exercises and mock-paper practices prior to the examination period.


Our Bilingual Composition Writing course is conducted in Chinese and English on alternate Saturdays.  Your child will learn the various steps essential in producing a good piece of writing.  Practice is a key to success in writing.


Our Phonics, Reading & Oral course covers the essential reading skills to help your child become independent readers.  Your child will learn to recognise the sounds of the various vowels. consonants, phonograms, digraphs etc

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