Established, Registered & Trusted

Established since 1993, Novelty Learning Centre is registered with the Ministry of Education,  Our teaching staff include full-time and part-time experienced professionals with recognised qualifications ranging from A-level certificates to Doctorate degrees. We are very pleased to have been in the education industry long enough to see our ex-students returning as teachers at our centre and our ex-students sending their kids to our centre for lessons. 

Conducive, Organised & Effective

We provide a clean, safe and conducive environment for learning through structured and well-organised lessons based on the latest syllabus.  We deliver our comprehensive course content through lectures, discussions, explanations and practices where appropriate using workbooks curated in-house.  We group pupils of the same level in a class and keep each class to a manageable size for effective delivery.

Stress-free, Self-motivation & Respect

Our 'No Homework' initiative makes learning stress-free, effective, meaningful and sustainable.  Our excellent motivation scheme encourages self-discipline and peak performance in our students. While we appreciate word-of-mouth recommendations by our current and ex-students and their parents, we do not advocate false hopes and unrealistic promises using our past students' achievements.  Every learner is unique and every achievement is a success in a different way.


Conducive Learning Environment

Your child deserves a clean and neat classroom with sufficient working space for effective learning among students of the same level and/or age group.


Structured Coursework & Tailored Workbooks

Your child will benefit from our comprehensive lessons and in-house workbooks which are neatly prepared in line with the latest syllabus updates.


Students' Welfare & Effective Motivation

Our students' welfare is important to us and we regularly reward and motivate them both intrinsically and extrinsically as far as we can.

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